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When you think innovation in airguns – think Air Venturi.

Since 2010, Air Venturi has become one of the innovators in the airgun and airsoft industries by partnering with well known firearm brands, as well as bringing to market

Air Venturi’s retail airgun brands include Hellraiser, a great line of tactical products geared towards warriors of every caliber.  Seneca – a full line of hunting products that blend airgun and archery into a fusion every hunter will love; and Western Justice, a line that appeals to the cowboy in all of us with officially licensed John Wayne revolvers and accessories, Annie Oakley youth rifles and more.   Rounding out our selection is our popular Springfield Armory replica line, bringing the popular Mil-Spec 1911, XDM and XDE replica air pistols to market, along with the historically significant M1 Carbine and M1A rifles.

Check out these popular lines, along with the many premium brands we import at

Video from AE21 for Air Venturi


Air Venturi Avenger

Air Venturi Avenger

Airgunners demanded a high-value air rifle capable of performing a number of different tasks, and Air Venturi put all of those features in a single, affordable package with the Avenger.

The Avenger features an externally adjustable regulator and hammer spring to enable a wide range of tuning possibilities.  It also includes a smooth sidelever to easily cycle the auto-indexing magazines, two of which are included to maximize shooting time and minimize reloading time. The two-stage trigger adjusts to yield a clean and light break, and the air cylinder features a male quick-disconnect fitting on the end protected by a threaded dust cap to allow easy fills and protect it from dirt and dust while enhancing the air rifle’s looks.

Available in synthetic and hardwood stocks.  Learn more about the Avenger today!

AE21 Day 2 RANGE with Air Venturi Avenger

Bada Bang Interactive Target System

Air Venturi Bada Bang

An innovative target shooting experience like no other, the BadaBang from Air Venturi has arrived!  This target connects to your smart device via bluetooth to provide a unique interactive shooting experience never before seen in the airgun world.  Download the app to your smart device, connect to your target and fire away!

The app features two unique game modes, testing both your speed and accuracy.  Clear levels by besting the par time for each stage, and once you’ve cleared them all, test your skills at a further distance to increase the challenge.

Create profiles for different rifles and pistols, and compare your stats as you improve.  BadaBang not only provides a fun shooting experience that you will want to come back to, but it is also a great tool to help improve your shooting.  And what’s even better, it’s a shooting experience you can enjoy with the whole family!

Learn more about the Bada Bang today!

Springfield Armory Licensed Replica Airguns

Springfield Armory has been an icon of American firearms for more than 240 years and through an exclusive licensing deal, Air Venturi has secured the rights to produce airsoft and airgun replicas of rifles and pistols, that have come to define the Springfield legacy. Under this line, Air Venturi has produced:

  • 1911 Mil-Spec CO2 BB Pistol
  • XDE CO2 Blowback BB Pistol
  • XDM Series of Air Pistols and Airsoft Pistols
  • M1 Carbine Air Rifle and Airsoft Rifle
  • M1A Underlever Pellet Rifle

Learn about our exciting Springfield Armory line today at Air Venturi.


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