Original, American-Made, Top Quality, Pistol Rests and Rifle Rests.

Ransom Rest pistol and rifle rests are designed to provide maximum stability for virtually any handheld firearm. Ransom shooting rests are machines designed to give the user maximum accuracy at minimum cost. The Master Series pistol rest uses proven concepts in its recoil absorbing system which closely replicate a shooter’s hand. The Master Series trigger pull mechanism is also proven in function and simplicity. Ransom products are designed to bring shooters tools for firearm testing that are safe, accurate, portable and reliable.

Ransom Rests are used to test pistol and rifle accuracy capability by removing the error associated with human handling. Our main purpose for designing Ransom Rests this way was to allow law enforcement organizations the ability sight in their own guns with pinpoint precision and to safely fire confiscated or potentially dangerous weapons from a safe distance. While we achieved this goal, we also wanted to ensure the Ransom Rests had the ability to fire and test not just some rifles or handguns, but ALL rifles and handguns.

Ransom has a legacy. It is the original American pistol and rifle shooting rest company, becoming the international standard for accuracy testing of handguns and producer of a world-record-holding rifle rest. We are proud that our products are being used by US military along with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Ransom International has a reputation for American quality engineering and manufacturing resulting in flexible, robust products at minimum cost to you.

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Ransom Rest Rifle Master Bench Rest Series


The original American made and machined Ransom Rifle Rest is designed to give maximum stability. This competition rifle bench rest is manufactured from a grade of cast iron specifically chosen for its resistance to vibration transmission. The base includes an instrument grade level so the Rifle Master can be leveled precisely to compensate for bench variations: everything is designed to bring the Rifle enthusiast a tool for shooting that is portable, accurate, and simple.

Designed to be adaptable and upgraded for your situation at hand. You can start with a Standard Ransom Rifle Master Rest pictured bellow and always add accessory’s later Each Rifle Master is fully changeable and adaptable with many bag plate options, windage adjustable bag plate options, and Quick change plates options, to allow many different bag plate and bag assembly’s. Designed and approved for Competition. USA original. The original Rifle Master from Ransom is designed to be for a life time and beyond.

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Ransom Rest Rifle Master Mega 2 Rifle Tester


The Ransom Master Series® Mega2 Rifle Tester.

We are excited and proud after couple rigorous years of testing to finally release The Master Series Mega 2, Or what we like to call it .. The Rifle Master Tester, From Ransom International

The Master Series® Mega 2 has been designed to give maximum stability and hold for virtually any hand held rifle. This Ransom Rest is actually a machine that has been designed to give maximum accuracy at a minimum cost. It uses a proven concept in its recoil absorbing system. The trigger pull mechanism is also proven in concept and simplicity. Everything was designed to bring the shooter a tool for testing that is safe, portable, accurate and simple.

It is a precision, passive device that holds, fires, and recoils as nearly like the human as possible.

It eliminates the human inconsistencies that ordinarily make rifle testing unreliable. The Ransom Master Series Mega2 Rifle Tester Rest is the only machine rest we know of to successfully accomplish the goal of precise, repeatable rifle accuracy testing.

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Ransom Rest Master & Mega Mats

The Ransom Master Mat and the Ransom Mega Mat Are top quality gun cleaning mats.  These mats provide a firm, yet cushioned work surface for working on all kinds of precision parts and assemblies. These mats are an ideal surface for disassembling precision mechanisms such as those found in firearms.

All Ransom Mats are highly resistant to gun cleaners and lubes including most all petroleum-based solvents, and brake fluids.

The Ransom Master Gun Cleaning Mats

Measuring 19×11 3/8 inches, the Ransom Master Mat has ribbed compartments and edges at its borders to contain any small parts or fluids that may be spilled in the course of cleaning and repair. It is relatively unaffected by most gun cleaner, carburetor cleaners, paints, varnishes and brake fluids.

The Ransom Mega Mat 

We also offer the Mega Mat.  This gun cleaning mat is a little larger than the Master Mat. The Mega Mat measures 15″ x 21″. Like the Master Mat, it has a ribbed badge at the borders to contain fluids that may spill in the course of cleaning and repairs.

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