Thank you for stopping by Umarex Airguns at the Airgun Expo 2021. Umarex USA offers a wide variety of air guns from air pistols for target shooting and handgun practice to big bore PCP air rifles for hunting big game. You’ll find that we offer airguns from firearm brands such as Ruger, Browning, Walther, Colt, Heckler & Koch, GLOCK, Smith & Wesson, and others. In addition to pistols and the big bore Hammer .50, Umarex has several break barrel and under lever pellet rifles and a selection of precision PCP rifles. Umarex USA is also the official U.S. distributor of RWS Pellets. Our service department and gun techs are friendly and knowledgeable as indicated by our excellent 4.4 Star Rating from TrustPilot. Just give us a call! Want to know more about Umarex USA, just go to UmarexUSA.info where you’ll find Axeon optics, Exude hunting lights, Elite Force Airsoft, Rekt dart launchers, and T4E Training Guns.  www.umarexusa.com

Day 1 RANGE segment with Umarex USA and the Gauntlet 2.

Day 3 STUDIO segment with Umarex USA and the Gauntlet 2.

Day 3 Round Table Wrap Up with Umarex USA.

Day 5 RANGE segment with Umarex USA Part 1.

Day 5 RANGE segment with Umarex USA Part 2.




Umarex, still throwing down the Gauntlet. With the Gauntlet 2 you get more air which equals more shots.  4500 psi, 24 cu in, removable tank.  More air = higher velocity.  More energy on impact.  Quick disconnect sling.  Adjustable cheekpiece.   Slots in forearm accept M-Lok accessories.  State-of-the-art pressure regulator means consistent shot strength.  Aircraft-grade aluminum receiver.  Single stage adjustable trigger.  Picatinny mounting rail.  Easy to grip, large knurled bolt handle.  Click here to visit the …. page on the Umarex website.

Legends M3 Grease Gun

UX Legends M3 Grease Gun

An unmistakable distinctive military replica, the Umarex Legends M3 Grease Gun.  Full-Auto.  Instantly recognized as the legendary M3 Grease Gun.  A true US Military replica submachine BB airgun.  Semi and Full auto action.  Live-action bolt operation.  30 Round drop free magazine.  Authentic mag release.  All-metal construction.  True to form collapsible wire stock.  Powered by two 12 gram CO2 capsules.  Shoots up to 3 full magazines on full auto with fresh CO2 capsules.  Rate of fire 1025 RPM. Click here to visit the Umarex website.

Walther PPQ M2

Umarex Walther PPQ M2 – twenty-one shots.  One mag.  Realistic look and feel.  CO2 convenience.  Less loading.  More trigger time.  New 21 shot, belt fed magazine design.  Drop-free, CO2 magazine shoots pellets.  Blowback pellet action.  Authentic replica.  Full metal slide, polymer frame.  Fixed front, fast acquisition sights.  Integrated Picatinny rail.  Rifled barrel.  Integrated hex tool in the backstrap.  Manual and trigger safeties. Click here to visit the Umarex website.

Umarex Origin .22

New .22 Umarex Origin.  Full power, just 13 pumps.  Super easy to use multi pump PCP.  Patent Pre-Pressured Air Chamber Design.  Shoot at full power with fewer pumps!  Multi-shot PCP-powered pellet rifle.  3,625 psi capacity air tank (250 bar).  40 shots, at full power, per fill with only 100 pumps – That is half the required pumps of other multi-pump PCPs!  Begin shooting at full power with only 13 pumps compared to other PCPs at 95 pumps!  Automatic overpressure air release.  3-stage, 4,500 psi HPA hand pump and external fill probe included.  Two auto-indexing, 10-round rotary magazines included.  Compact side-mounted cocking lever.  Picatinny +11mm Dovetail mounting rail.  2-stage adjustable trigger.  (*Scope not included.) Click here to visit the Umarex website.

Umarex CO2 Saver Valve

Umarex CO2 Saver Valve

New Umarex 88g CO2 saver – blow away your targets, not your air.  Remove 88g CO2 capsules from your airguns without venting the remaining air.  88g CO2 capsules can be used for shorter sessions – remove the capsule with adapter attached when finished shooting and use them together again later.  Prevents o-ring and seal damage caused by leaving CO2 gas in an airgun for long durations.  Use the same 88g CO2 capsule in different airguns.  Solid aluminum construction with high-quality o-ring seals.  Perfect for the AirJavelin, Fusion 2, and other CO2 airguns. Click here to visit the Umarex website.

Umarex ReadyAir

Air on the go – no oil required with the new Umarex ReadyAir.  Oilless and Waterless.  The smartest portable airgun compressor in its class.  Engineered and built with robust quality components.  Electronically controlled – digital display.  Programmable fill pressure – fill your airguns to their unique recommended pressure.  Smart overheat auto-shut off prevention technology prevents permanent damage.  Portable design for range or field – under 25 lbs.  Flexible AC/DC (110V/12V) operation – electrical outlet or vehicle battery.  Sturdy carry handle and rubber feet. Click here to visit the Umarex website.

Umarex Surgemax Elite

Umarex Surgemax Elite 22 cal

Umarex Surgemax Elite .22 Cal.  Powerful – Accurate – Quiet.  Now in .22 cal.  Packed with modern airgun technology.  Ambidextrous thumbhole stock with rubber recoil pad.  5 chamber noise dampner silencing system.  Airgun Shock Reinforced Technology in the scope handles the double recoil of a spring air rifle.  High powered with consistent velocity and a smooth cocking effort.  Micro-adjustable fiber optic rear sight and fixed fiber optic front sight.  Included 4×32 air rifle scope mounts easily to the Nucleus Integrated Rail Platform.  Scope and rings included.  Adjustable two-stage trigger.  Rifled barrel.  Automatic safety. Click here to visit the Umarex website.


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