DAY 2 RANGE Videos from AE22

Day 2 - NEA Huben K1

Day 2 - UX Air Saber Elite X2

Day 2 - Gamo Arrow

Day 2 - AGPS Evanix Cloud

DAY 3 RANGE Videos from AE22

Day 3 - PA Dragonfly

Day 3-Gamo Gen 3i Magnum

Day 3 - AGPS Evanix Rex

Day 3 - AGPS Evanix Sniper

Day 3 - UX Air Javelin Pro

Day 3 - UX Air Javelin & Clear Ballistics

Day 3 - Barra Airguns

DAY 4 RANGE Videos from AE22

Day 4 - UX Notos

Day 4 - AGPS - SWA

DAY 5 RANGE Videos from AE22

Day 5 - FT Airguns

Day 5 - DAR Gen 3

Day 5 - Air Arms Tactical

Day 5 - C.A.P. Dragon Claw

Day 5 - UX HK BB Gun


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