Hawke Optics is dedicated to delivering exceptional glass at a price shooters can afford. With models ranging in the low $100s and going up to around $1000, there’s a lot to choose from. Hawke’s dedication to airgunners is evident with lines they’ve created specifically to support the sport. Take a look at the great optics we have listed below for just a small example of great glass for airgunners.

But Hawke doesn’t just do scopes. They carry a full line of other optics and accessories to complement their rifle scopes. Whether you need a reliable range finder, spotting scope, or field glasses, Hawke has you covered. For more information about what Hawke Optics can deliver to modern airgunners, hunters, long range shooters, and outdoor sportsman, please visit www.hawkeoptics.com.

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Hawke Frontier 34 FFP Scope

Frontier 34 FFP

The Frontier 34 FFP scopes are part of the System H7 series, which use index matched lenses with outstanding clarity throughout the entire field of view. Like the rest of the Frontier line, the glass surfaces in System H7 have an amazing 21 layers of advanced coatings producing extremely high light transmission and a clearer field of view. These First Focal Plane scopes help you hit your target out to ranges most shooters wouldn’t even consider possible, all while being what may be the best value in premium long-range shooting equipment that you’ll find anywhere.

This isn’t only a long range scope. For shooters who need to get more elevation adjustment out of their scope to compensate for drop will benefit from the Frontier 34’s extreme adjustment range. The higher magnification and impressive clarity also provides shooters who need precision accuracy the power to make pinpoint shots.

Two magnification models of the Frontier 34 FFP riflescopes, a 3-18×50 and a 5-30×56, are currently available online and at Hawke Optics’ dealers. Both of these are available with two FFP illuminated reticle options – Mil Pro Ext and MOA Pro Ext – each calibrated to the scope’s magnification and specifically designed for the extreme long-range shooting you want to do. The illumination has 11 brightness levels to match any lighting condition. Built on a 34mm mono-tube chassis that is machined from high-grade aluminum, the Frontier 34 FFP has side focus adjustment letting you zero in on your target from close to extreme ranges. Hawke’s patented Zero, Lock ‘n Stop turrets are resettable, lockable and feature a state-of-the-art return to zero feature. These turrets are perfect for the ELR shooter looking to adjust to conditions in the field. Each scope is fully water, shock and fog proof and nitrogen purged, making it durable, clear and maintenance free.

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Hawke Airmax 30 SF Rifle Scopes

Airmax 30 SF

Modern air rifles produce more speed, accuracy and performance than ever before. But even the best air rifle is still only as good as the optic that sits atop it. That is where the Hawke Optics Airmax series of cutting-edge air riflescopes comes into play.

The Airmax 30 WA SF scopes are built on a one-piece aluminum 30mm chassis. They have Side Focus parallax adjustment that can focus down to 10 yards and have additional Side Focus wheels supplied in the box. The adjustable red-illumination rheostat is now positioned on the end of the side focus turret, instead of the ocular bell, making attachment of night vision add-ons easier. The illumination has six brightness levels with off positions in between, allowing for maximum visibility and versatility in any lighting condition. These second focal plane scopes feature Hawke’s H2 Optics system with 16 layer fully multi-coated lenses, fast-focus eyebells, capped target turrets and on adjustable power models, a high-torque zoom ring. These scopes can handle the brutal recoil produced by air rifles and remain on target.

The Airmax WA SF scopes all have the AMX IR glass etched reticle, which is based on a mil-dot reticle but calibrated specifically for air rifles. The AMX IR offers multiple aim points, letting shooters stretch the limits of air rifle range. The reticle has Half-Mil Dot spacing on the lower post that gives you additional aiming points as the range opens up. The horizontal bars are positioned at 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 Mil spacing. Hollow posts are segmented into Mil spacing and can be used for bracketing. The mil spaced reticle and 1⁄10 MRAD turrets make for easy point of aim adjustment with resettable target turrets for easy return to zero. There are four models in the lineup including the straight 10-power Airmax WA SF 10×44.

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Hawke Sidewinder Rifle Scopes


Hawke® Optics offers a whole new level of feature-driven riflescope performance with the redesigned Sidewinder line. Hawke’s best-selling line of scopes are now better than ever, ensuring you outstanding accuracy from every angle and for any shooting discipline. They have a 30mm main tube and are loaded with new H5 optics that has shooters amazed at the clarity and accuracy of this value-packed scope. H5 brings an ultra-wide 24-degree field of view. The low-dispersion Crown glass has 18-layer multi-coated optics for superb light transmission and clarity. Each Sidewinder has a full four inches of eye relief, letting you get on target faster and easier than ever before.

Sidewinder models have resettable, precision locking turrets with either 1⁄10 MRAD clicks or ¼ MOA clicks, both accompanied by a Witness Window that provides instant visual confirmation of your turret position. This provides peace of mind and helps to eliminate second guessing on longer shots. You can tighten up your sight window with the index-matched, removable side wheel focus adjustment and keep your eye on the target while adjusting the zoom with the removable, magnification throw lever. The reticle is illuminated with high-intensity, adjustable Multi-LED lighting for accuracy in every lighting condition. Tune things in with the fast focus eye bell that has a lock ring to ensure things stay just as you like them.

Additionally, all Sidewinder models are all-caliber rated, so they can withstand the harshest recoil. They come with a removable side wheel, sunshade, elasticated lens covers, and zoom lever for quick adjustments.

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