New England Airgun has the largest selection of airgun products in all of New England.

New England AirGun is basically the “owner’s wife fault”. In the search to find something for the owner and his wife to do together, the idea of target shooting turned into the first purchase of a Crosman Nitro Venom from the local Walmart.

The challenge then became, “Where do we shoot this thing?”. At that time, gun violence was sprouting up across the country. The public outlook on anything resembling a firearm, was so negatively entrenched, that the idea of shooting out in the back yard or the local woods, was not a solution for a place to shoot either. None of the local sportman clubs wanted anything to do with air guns (A firearms license was required to shoot on their firearms range), so the idea of an indoor, lead-free, airgun-only, shooting range had to become a reality.

Thus, the first indoor lead-free “air gun only” range and store was established. Our indoor range teaches the proper respect and use of guns and educates the public on the dangers and responsibility of owning and shooting them. Here we like to use the phrase, “A gun, is a gun, is a gun, is a gun!”. We tell people to treat all air guns like they are firearms, because they are just as dangerous.

Since then, New England AirGun has evolved into one of the largest dealer/importers in the Northeast and the major Northeast dealer for companies like Evanix, Huben, and Match Guns. So, what started as a hobby to do with the wife, became the enterprise that is New England AirGun. What started as a local supply store and range has now expanded to an online store with shipping anywhere in the U.S. and its territories. New England Airgun is fulfilling the needs of hunters, competition shooters, and enthusiasts alike.


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Huben K1 Air Rifle with Synthetic Stock .25 Caliber - 17 Round Magazine

Huben K1 Air Rifle with Synthetic Stock .25 Caliber – 17 Round Magazine

  • The Huben K1 is, without doubt, the most powerful semi-automatic bullpup on the market. A marvel of engineering and technology, its patented hammerless platform makes the K1 very different from any other PCP. It is able to achieve a very high rate of fire making the most out of its high capacity 17/19 round mag. The hammerless system is 100% Pneumatic as an airgun should be, and provides numerous advantages: high efficiency, zero vibrations, accuracy, and a wide variable power range.
  • The Huben K1 was originally designed to shoot accurately at extreme power levels, with long range shooting and hunting in mind. However, the last version of the K1 has become a more flexible design, becoming an accurate gun at any power level. SUB-MOA at 100 meters
  • The Huben K1 features a very ergonomic black stock made of hardy synthetic material able to withstand most extreme situations and environments (extreme temperatures, water, scratches, etc…)
  • What does the Huben like to eat? See our suggestions on the website. Most pellets and slugs work, they have to fit well, stay upright and inline with the magazine and barrel at all time (can’t tip or slide in the magazine) it’s really up to you to use only well fitting projectiles, tolerances vary so if it doesn’t fit correct, unload it, don’t shoot it! This isn’t being picky, it’s common sense.

To find out more about this product, please visit:  Huben

To view the Huben Specifications, please visit:  Huben Specifications


Many have come to us looking for airguns for personal protection, but do you have what it takes to take a life? Most people would say NO, so instead, we carry the Byrna line of less-than-lethal pepper ball airguns and pepper spray products. Heavy hitting with standard kinetic rounds or step it up to the tear-gas/pepper rounds, these guns will let you be in control of the situation and allow you the opportunity to protect those you care about from harm. Byrna Products


Evanix Rex Ibex Kit .357

Influenced by the U.S. Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon Program in 2022, The Sig Sauer XM250


SIG XM5 & XM250

This Air Rife is a Powerhouse and accurate too.

Initial testing of the .357 have velocity of up to 1000 fps.

This single shot air rifle comes complete as seen below:  Open Sights, Bipod, and Moderator.

To find out more about this product, please visit:


To view the Evanix Rex Ibex Specifications, please visit:  Evanix Rex Ibex Specifications

Evanix Sniper-K PCP Air Rifle .30 Cal

Evanix Sniper-K PCP Air Rifle with Synthetic Stock .30 Caliber (7.62mm) – Two 7 Round Magazines

The Evanix Sniper-K is a new tactical model with a pistol grip, a vertically adjustable cheekpiece and a horizontally adjustable buttstock. The Sniper-K is the carbine version of the Evanix Sniper. Also this Evanix PCP air rifle comes with the new improved system and magazine for improved handling and reliability.

  • Built-in manometer (air pressure gauge)
  • Vertically adjustable cheekpiece
  • 1/8″ BSPP probe with male threads

To find out more about this product, please visit:  Sniper-K

To view the Evanix Sniper-K Specifications, please visit:  Evanix Sniper-K Specifications

Match Guns

Match Guns

To find out more about match guns, please visit:  Match Guns



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Hours:  The range is “open to the public” again as of 9/6/2022.  The store is open!  Walk-in hours:  Monday to Friday 3pm to 8pm, Weekends 10am to 6pm


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