Thank you for stopping by Predator/JSB at the Airgun Expo 2024.

Predator/JSB are renowned for producing precise and consistent quality in their pellets because of their exacting standards. JSB have trained experts who view each and every pellet they manufacture under magnification. This provides precise and extremely consistent quality pellets, but it’s also very expensive, and the rejection rate is only about 2%.  Predator/JSB pellets have legions of fans around the world because they simply work.  www.predatorpellets.com

Video from AE22 for Predator Pellets

Day 1 RANGE segment with Predator Pellets and Air Arms discussing JSB Knockout slugs.

Day 1 STUDIO segment with Predator Pellets.


Predator/JSB .22 HADES MONSTERS 25.39gr

You all know and love the original .22 Hades, but for some, 15.89gr wasn’t enough. Introducing Big brother… the 25.39gr Hades Monster. With more weight you can expect greater energy on target with devastating knock down power. If you hunt and you like .22 caliber, you’ll love the Hades Monsters.

Predator/JSB MK3 KNOCKOUT SLUGS 10.03gr

The .177 Mk3 KO slugs are even more effective with the new HUGE hollowpoint allowing for more expansion on small game, for serious knock down power.


So the shooters wanted a heavier Monster, that was just a bit lighter than the 33.95gr Jumbo Beast. We present to you the 28.55gr Jumbo Monster Grand. A heavier pellet that doesn’t sacrifice accuracy, and gets better down range performance. Benchrest shooters rejoice.


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Website:  www.predatorpellets.com

Phone:   (855) 246-9948 – 24 Hour Hotline

Address:  1610 West Evans Ave, Unit E, Englewood, CO 80110, USA


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