It’s time to flip the script on airguns. SouthWestern Airguns has created an airgun that’s NOT quiet, that’s NOT easy to cock, and that HAS recoil. Our 20ga / .62 Caliber airguns are designed to deliver a ton of energy in a small, reliable package.

Built in the great state of Texas. All our airguns are built by hand and individually tested before shipping to our customers. Built with simplicity, SWAirguns just work and keep working. Servicing, when needed, takes only about 15 minutes and only takes a handful of standard o-rings.

Please keep reading to learn more about our great airgun models.

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Video from AE24 for SWA (South Western Airguns)



Thank you for your interest in our SWA 20ga Air Shotguns. We currently have two models based on the FD-15T and both are on special for Airgun Expo 2024. The Standard is $1295, and the Advanced is $1495. Current pricing is valid for current inventory only. Prices include standard shipping to the continental US. Please note that we only ship to locations where airguns are permitted. Please review your local guidelines before trying to order.

The Standard FD-15T ($1295) comes with just the pistol grip and a basic set of accessories to match. You can always add a standard AR buffer tube and stock later.

The Advanced FD-15T comes with all the accessories, including a rifled choke, and a UTG AR stock and buffer tube.

We currently have about 8 units in stock and each is custom assembled and tested before shipping.

All our SWA Shotguns ship in a hard shell case ready to go with sample ammo, magazine, clip on front sight, loading tool, and setup and operational instructions.

If you are interested in purchasing an FD-15T, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you. All transactions are processed through Zelle or Stripe and must be verified before completion to help prevent fraudulent activities and chargebacks.

Thank you for your understanding.


FD-8P is a 20 ga air pistol with an eight inch barrel. The two shot magazine can be loaded with various lead and steel shot. For maximum power, it can deliver up to 180 foot pounds using a 20 ga 400 grain DGS Slug. It’s fitted with a threaded buttstock cap which is compatible with most AR stock assemblies which when added, turns it into a very cool micro carbine.


FD-27S is a version of our multi-shot shotgun with a full length barrel and a traditional wood stock. It is capable of pushing the 400 grain DGS slugs at 450 to 500 foot pounds of energy. When paired with a modified or extra full choke, you can get useful shot patterns out to 35 to 40 yards, making it extremely effective on both small game and winged game alike. For large game, add our rifled choke and shoot the 400 grain DGS slugs with great accuracy and power out to 50 and 75 yards.

Support the FD Series

To support the FD series, we have a full line of accessories: Modified Choke, Extra Full Choke, Rifled Choke, SWA Shot sample kits, Optics, and more. Learn more at www.swairguns.com


We want to hear from YOU!  Whether your with the media, a prospective dealer, consumer, or just someone that wants to reach out, please use the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  Thank you for taking the time to visit our booth!

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Phone:  (915) 407-8045


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