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Umarex USA, Incorporated is one of North America’s fastest growing family-owned outdoor sport and recreation companies. Umarex USA innovates, develops, and markets products under brands owned or licensed by its parent company, UMAREX GmbH & Co. KG. Such brands include Axeon® Optics, Beretta®, Browning®, Colt®, Elite Force™ Airsoft, GLOCK®, Heckler & Koch®, Hornady®, IWI®, Marlin®, Prepared 2 Protect®, REKT®, Ruger®, Smith & Wesson®, T4E®, UMAREX®, Walther® and others. For additional information regarding Umarex USA visit UmarexUSA.info.



Umarex Komplete NCR

The Umarex Komplete NCR is the first airgun powered by a nitrogen cartridge. The innovative NitroAir cartridge delivers 3,600 PSI, is easy to swap out when empty and provides for more than 45 consistent shots. Cut the hose and lose the airgun hand pump as the Komplete and NitroAir produce PCP performance without the hassles.

Available in .177 and .22 calibers with an included scope.  http://nitroair.com/

SPECIAL DISCOUNT for the UMAREX KOMPLETE NCR .177 – DARK GRAY BUNDLE:  https://www.umarexusa.com/2280274

Umarex ZELOS


The Umarex Zelos allows everybody to try their hand at precision PCP shooting. A compact 36-inch bullpup rifle features a 26-inch barrel and fills to 3,625 PSI. With an adjustable regulator, the Zelos can be tuned to fit your favored ammo. An 18-round magazine and side lever keep pellets flying down range.

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Hammer Carbine

The .50-caliber Hammer Carbine is slug gun specifically designed for hunting. A shorter barrel is easier to handle in a box blind or tree stand, while the 35-cubic inch tank gives four full-power shots before needing more air. A 350-grain slug will hit 820 FPS to deliver 522 foot-pounds of impact energy.

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