Utah Airguns was officially founded in 2016 by Justin Jacobson and since then has been taking the airgun world by storm. Justin founded the company because he truly loves airgunning and wanted to share that passion with everyone else. He has been an avid collector and shooter of airguns his whole life. He wanted to provide a physical showroom where friends could come see, hold and shoot the guns before purchasing.

Here at Utah Airguns we don’t just sell airguns and accessories, we USE them! We are avid airgunners and expect the highest quality and performance from our products. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new rookie to the airgun life, our first hand experience offers valuable insight you won’t find anywhere else when choosing your next airgun!

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FX Impact M3 Airgun + Power Block | Black

*If you would like to cerakote or customize your gun, please reach out to us at 385-685-5951 for pricing and options!

The FX Impact M3 defines what a modern airgun can be. With no limits to the type of projectile, caliber, or distance shot, this airgun spans the entire spectrum. This once-in-a-generation rifle pushes the boundaries of what compressed air can achieve. The Impact M3 has once again redefined the standard with game-changing advancements, upgrades, and a steadfast focus on creating the most advanced, accurate, and capable airgun you’ll ever shoulder.

Available Calibers: .1.77, .22, .25, .30

Color: Black (Bronze available here)

Available Barrel Lengths: 600mm, 700mm (500mm FX Impact M3 Compact + Power Block available here)

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The Chronograph That Just Works!

Imagine a chronograph that always works and that gave the actual ballistic coefficient of a round through multiple velocity readings; all in a compact portable package. No external triggers, tripods or external power needed, just a fool proof set up with all the information you will ever need for an accurate and true ballistic calculation.

The True Ballistic Radar Chronograph measures actual speeds at four different velocities readings from 0 – 300 yards to determine actual ballistic coefficient using G1/G7 drag models. This provides actual data in your conditions, info that provides the difference between a hit and a miss. What’s it worth to you to hit your target?

  • No External Recoil Trigger Required
  • No External Battery Pack Needed
  • USB-C Reacharable Internal Battery
  • Small & Portable at 1.8lbs, 7.4” x 9.6”
  • Radar Tech Works Rain or Shine
  • Large LCD Display Screen
  • Optional Bluetooth Phone App
  • Measures from 400 – 4,000+ fps
  • Determine Actual Ballistic Coefficient
  • Shows STD Deviation and Spread
  • Indicates Subsonic Yardage
  • Accurate Data Avoids Costly Misses
  • Select G1/G7 Drag Models
  • Signal Strength / Interference Indicator

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FX DRS Classic Synthetic Airgun


The FX DRS Classic Synthetic Airgun features a sleek and rugged black synthetic soft-touch stock for the modern adventurer. The design of this airgun delivers a cutting-edge aesthetic combined with comfortability built to endure the demands of the outdoors, with the soft-touch finish providing a secure grip and confidence in every shot you take.

The design that sets the FX DRS Classic Synthetic Airgun apart is the over-the-barrel air tank. It not only creates a more traditional look but also enhances barrel stability, eliminating the need for a conventional carbon fiber bottle. Performance meets perfection with the modular plenum design, cleverly disguised as a traditional magazine and seamlessly integrating with the traditional look of both stocks. The ergonomic feel, achieved through thoughtful design and adjustments, provides a balanced and comfortable experience, setting a new standard in the world of air rifles.

The FX DRS promises a lightweight and easy-to-carry hunting rifle that doesn’t compromise on features. Perfect for both seasoned hunters and competitive shooters, this air rifle isn’t just about looks and offers the important features that you’ve come to expect from a modern air rifle.

The FX DRS classic comes out of the box with a smooth side lever action, a high-capacity magazine refined for larger projectiles, the flexibility to tailor the trigger unit to your exact preferences, and an 11mm dovetail rail. Upgrade options, including a match-grade trigger system, Picatinny rails, plenums, barrel lengths, etc. offer a personalized touch for every shooter.

Product Specs

  • Caliber: .177, .22, .25
  • Weight: 500 barrel – 4.9lbs, 600 barrel – 5.2lbs
  • Length: 500 barrel – 927mm, 600 barrel – 1042mm (*700mm upgrade available)
  • Barrel length: .177 / .22 – 500mm, .25 – 600mm
  • Mini Magazine: .177 – 16 rounds, .22 – 14 rounds, .25 – 12 rounds
  • Air Capacity: 500mm – 208 CC, 600mm – 260CC
  • Smooth side lever cocking system
  • Superior STX Liner
  • Magazine depth 11.3mm
  • Fill Pressure 230 BAR (3335 PSI)
  • Muzzle energy: TBA
  • Pin probe style charging
  • Fully adjustable trigger
  • Modular / Short impulse
  • AMP MKII Regulator
  • 11mm Dovetail rail
  • Synthetic soft touch

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AirMaks KATRAN Standard Airgun


The AirMaks KATRAN is a newly released gun for 2021, built on solid technology from AirMaks Arms in the Czech Republic. It is packed with features, including CZ barrels, a folding stock, an anti-double feed, a key-lock hand guard, compatibility with aftermarket moderators, and more. The KATRAN comes in two bottle options: a 480cc carbon fiber bottle or a 200cc tube.

Similar to the AirMaks CAIMAN, the KATRAN is fully ambidextrous, meaning you can easily swap the cocking lever to either side. Other features include an adjustable buttstock, AR15-style safety, and hammer spring adjustment. In our initial testing, we were very impressed with the accuracy and performance of this airgun.

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