Location Information: 

This year’s Expo will be held Live on Facebook and YouTube as well as through other social media platforms.  The broadcast location will be AirgunWeb Media Group’s private range located outside Fabens TX.  While the public is welcome to come out, we will not have tables with product out for folks to sample.  But, you are welcome to watch our live shows and there may be time in between segments to get in some trigger time. 

For those that would like to attend, please contact us, as we’ll be upholding social distancing practices for the safety of our workers and other presenters.

Our Address is:

300 East Ruiz, Fort Hancock, TX. 79839
(please note that this will NOT pull up on GPS)

If you are interested in staying in a hotel, Best Western East El Paso Inn (Clint, TX 79836) is about a 45-minute drive and a pretty nice place to stay. If you would like to book a room, please call: (915) 851-2882.

Directions to attend or visit:

  • Turn North off of I10 at exit 49 (We are 19 miles from I10)
  • Follow the pavement until it ends which is about 12.5 miles from the interstate.  
  • Follow the fork to the right towards the cattle guard.
  • Pass through the cattle guard and take an immediate left down the fence line.
  • Take the next right, which is the pipeline road.
  • As you turn right onto the pipeline road, look at your 11 o’clock, and you will see a cell tower (AT&T Service).  Look to your 1 o’clock, and you’ll see a hill with a bare patch from where they installed the pipeline. STAY ON THE PIPELINE ROAD TOWARDS THOSE LANDMARKS.
  • The Tower and the left and the hill on their right are on Grace Ranch Property.   You are about 6.5 miles from the Ranch. 
  • Follow the pipeline road towards the tower and pass by the stock tanks on the right.
  • Before you get to the stock tank you’ll see a road going up the hill to the left.  Take that road as the lower road was washed out.
  • As you come over the hill, stay on the top road until there is a fork to the right go back down to the lower road.  Take that fork and turn left on the lower road.  
  • You’ll come to a big steel tank with a GRACE RANCH sign on it with an arrow pointing LEFT. 
  • Follow the signs for Grace Ranch.
  • Follow the lower road, staying to the left.  Don’t turn right as those roads are all washed out. 
  • Check-in at the office when you arrive.