Your company information and live content from AE22 will be posted on a special AE22 Discussion Group on Gateway to Airguns, shown LIVE on Facebook, rebroadcast via our social media partners, and made available to you for your own uses. (Please scroll down to signup!)

Exhibitors, vendors, Content Creators, Influencers, and other potential sponsors can participate in Airgun Expo 2022 in the following ways:

  • Main Event sponsor – All content will be tagged with this sponsor’s information, i.e. “Airgun Expo 2022 is brought to you by: Company Name & Logo” followed by website, social media, etc. Additionally, the event sponsor will be featured throughout www.theairgunexpo.com until the following Expo. (Only one “main sponsor” slot is available, contact us for more information)
  • Event Co-Sponsor – Get your logo, company name, and website displayed on our website and throughout live shows. AE22 will provide our logo for use on your websites and social media. Other options are available. Please Contact Us for more details.
  • Virtual Exhibition Booths – Hosted on TheAirgunExpo.com, your Virtual Exhibition Booth is where you can present new products, collect contacts, provide links to e-commerce specials on your own website, display embedded videos, etc. When the Expo is over, the site stays LIVE for folks to come back and revisit throughout the year. – Click here to learn more
  • LIVE Events incorporating a Virtual Range Day (or days if warranted), Airgun Expo LIVE which consists of LIVE demos brought to you by industry personalities and manufacturers, and finally, the Airgun Expo Round Table.
  • Prerecorded Product Demos and Reviews shown between LIVE content.

Package and bundled service discounts are available. Just call for a custom quote!


Please let us know where your company would like to participate and we will get our Signup Form emailed out to you with pricing.  If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our Contact Us Page or call us at 530-475-8800.  Thank you for considering Airgun Expo 2022!


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