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MONDAY, May 27th
TUESDAY, May 28th
THURSDAY, May 30th
FRIDAY, May 31st
08:00 MST
Live YouTube Intro for the Day
Live YouTube Intro for the Day
Live YouTube Intro for the Day
Live YouTube Intro for the Day
Live YouTube Intro for the Day
9:00 MST
LIVE – Gamo Swarm Magnum Pro Gen 3i .22 / Gamo Optic
LIVE – NEA Evanix Viper .30 Pistol / Hawke Optic
LIVE – SWA FD-15T / Hawke Optic
LIVE – Airgun Capital – Suppressor Kits / Hawke Optic
LIVE – Gamo Coyote Whisper .177 / Hawke Optic
9:30 MST
10:00 MST
PRE – JTS Airacuda Max .177 Part 1 / Hawke Optic
PRE – JTS Airacuda Max .177 Part 2 / Hawke Optic
PRE – JTS Airacuda Max .30 / OneLeaf Optic
10:30 MST
LIVE – NEA Huben K1 Bullpup .25 / ATN Optic
LIVE – NEA – Evanix Ibex .50 / Hawke Optic
LIVE – Gamo Viper 10x Gen 3i & Gamo Optic / Bone Collector 10x Gen 3i
LIVE – Utah FX Impact MKIII .35 / Hawke Optic
LIVE – Evanix Viper .25 Micro Carbine (Naomi) / Hawke Optic
11:00 MST
11:30 MST
PRE – Tuxing Compressor
PRE – Cometa Fenix 400 RT from Keystone Airguns / Axeon Optic
PRE – Air Venturi Avenger & Buck Rail / Hawke Optic
PRE – Gamo Arrow Classic.22 at 50Yds / Hawke Optic
PRE – Gamo Hunter Extreme ULT .25 / Gamo Optic
12:00 MST
LIVE – Macavity MA2 .25 Long / Hawke Optic
LIVE – Gamo Arrow .22 / .177 / Hawke Optic
LIVE – JTS Airacuda Standard with Buck Rail .22 / Hawke Optic
LIVE – Macavity MA2 .22 / ATN Optic
LIVE – NEA – Huben GK1 .22 Pistol
12:30 MST
1:00 MST
PRE – Gamo Arrow .22 / Hawke Optic
PRE – Gamo Coyote .177 / Hawke Optic
PRE – Umarex Gauntlet SL .30 Slugs / Hawke Optic
1:30 MST
LIVE – Utah Airguns – Airmaks Arms Katran .25 / Hawke Optic
LIVE – Utah Airguns – FX Wildcat MKIII .22 / ATN Optic
LIVE – JTS Brawn .25 / ATN Optic
LIVE – Gamo Arrow Classic .22 at 50 yards / Hawke Optic
LIVE – Our Favorite Airguns from AE24!
2:00 MST
2:30 MST
PRE – Macavity MA2 .30 Part 1 / ATN Optic
PRE – Macavity MA2 .30 Part 2 / ATN Optic
PRE – CFX .22 / Shadow Elite .22 / Gamo Optic
3:00 MST
LIVE – Umarex Komplete NCR .22/ Axeon Optic
LIVE – Umarex Gauntlet SL .30 / Hawke Optic
LIVE – Hawke Optics in the Studio
LIVE – Kompleting our look at the Umarex Komplete .22 / Axeon Optic
3:30 MST
4:00 – 6:00 MST
6:30 MST
WRAP – With Nate from NateChrony
WRAP – With NateChrony & Airgun Angie

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